Pemandangan yang menyegarkan mata dan hati, udara yang sejuk, dan harganya yang sesuai dengan pemandangan dan rasa.

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At the end of May i had another chance to visit Tegallalang in Bali. My last trip to that place just to see how was the Terrace Ceking, but at this trip i had a chance to spend a longer time there, had a lunch while enjoying the fresh air and nice scenery of Tegallalang.

Terrace 1 The view from my first trip to Tegallalang and it still stayed the same at end of May

Terrace 2

Terrace 3Ah, maybe one thing that made it a little bit different was some part of green leaves which turned in to yellow; I think we were not far from harvest time. ๐Ÿ˜€

Terrace 3-2I forget the name of restaurant where we had lunch, but it is located in the middle of restaurants line which has the Teracce Ceking view. I went there with my newly-wedded friendโ€™s family from Japan, so we took the family seat empty table.

Terrace 4

Terrace 4-2Whenโ€ฆ

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