Ehm, cerita kami tentang sehari di Singapore, dua tahun yang lalu πŸ™‚
Beneran jalan – jalan πŸ˜€

Little Orange World

Singapore, ehm, i just read about its tourism news in relation with my country, although news that i will tell a little bit late, it is said that based on Singapore Tourism Board, at 2011, Indonesia ranked first as country who visited Singapore the most, about 2,5 million tourists, followed by China at second with 1,5 million, and Malaysia at third. I thought about it, their population just 5,312,400 million, 47% of their population, wow, i think that’s an amazing number. Almost half of their population. I just imagined how dense it was. Mmmmm.

And, here we are, me and 4 others family member,we contributed 0.0002% from that 47% Indonesian people who filled up their population density at 2011, as tourists. Maybe not like 31% Indonesian tourists who especially went to Singapore for spending their money at shopping arcade, we went there because accidentally got a promotion ticket from an…

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