Pengalaman yang menyenangkan di Kawagoe, sekitar 30 menit dengan kereta dari Tokyo.

Little Orange World

This lovely little town has been whispering me to be told to my little world since about two weeks ago. Actually I want to tell more about Sydney (you know I have a little bit obsession to live in that continent, honestly it’s not bit, its big obsession). This story still from my first Japan’s trip at April 2013, and i was the one who insisted to go to this place. When we prepared our trip to Japan, i found the article about Kawagoe, and with all my might, i persuaded three of them to go there. And, finally there, we were.

At first, i really want to say sorry to those three my travel buddies; Liz, Opik, and Bertho. When we were there, i think we didn’t enjoy Kawagoe that much because i knew exactly that those boys were allured more to see gundam and its stuff (our next…

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