Satu hari di Kalimantan Selatan; Pasar Terapung, Pasar Oleh-oleh di Martapura, dan Banjarmasin

Little Orange World

Have you ever had an eager to escape from something? Especially from routine, even though that routine is something you love to do? I’ve been in that condition so many times (guess I don’t love my job that much? Kekekekeke). A week ago, after spending 3 fierce days for asking a day off from my boss without informing my real reason for taking it (naughty employee), I made another escape and I called it a sweet escape and the place was Banjarmasin, South Borneo.

I called it sweet escape because since 7 months ago, from the very first time I put my little step on South Borneo, where I work right now, Banjarmasin and surrounding area already on my travel wish list. Banjarmasin and surrounding area have so many astonish things to offer such as floating market, Martapura (Diamond Town), Meratus Complex,  river adventure, beaches, handicraft and art, culture, culinary…

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