Mmmm, intip-intip sedikit 🙂

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Not a long time ago, I back from my unforgettable and wonderful trip at Japan. My friend and I made a stop at Tekeshita Street, Harajuku, Tokyo, an infamous place for having a sneak peek into unique street style of Tokyo. So, while being there, I wouldn’t miss anything because this place is something I’d been longing for to see for so long time. I took some snapshoots of them. But, because I didn’t know any of Japanese language, I took them secretly and sorry for this (I couldn’t bear have a Tarzan conversation with them because it was too crowded there).

This is how  Takeshita Street, Harajuku, Tokyo looks like

Takeshita Street

This Lolita Style, what I really wanted to see.

Lolita StyleI thought the one with Lolita Style there was a girl before, but I’d been tricked, he is completely a boy in disguised. I really wonder how he changed into…

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